What is this ‘CV A&E’ ticket about?


A lot of our contributors are directly responsible for hiring new events staff in their organisations. We see a lot of CVs and approaches for work and we see a lot of the same mistakes.

We got a lot of feedback from students and people looking to get into events as we were planning SideStage and one of the things that keep coming up was that you guys want some help in making your CVs stand out.

You SHOULD want some help too. There are a LOT of people looking to get into events and you need to stand out from the crowd to get your foot in the door.

So. . . we’re doing this ‘CV A&E’ thing to try give you some help & guidance with your CVs.

Think of it like CV speed-dating.

You bring along your CV and you’ll get around 10 minutes to sit with one of our contributors who will give you some advice on how you might improve your CV and give yourself a better shot at getting that job you want. It’ll be top level advice, nothing too in-depth, but, given that we see the same mistakes so regularly we’re confident we can help you out even in a short 10 minutes.

We’ll probably do this in the afternoon during the open floor questions session. That way you wont miss anything fully programmed and, as you’ll only be gone for maybe 15 minutes you won’t miss many of the questions your fellow attendees throw out either.

We’ve a limited amount of these tickets available, naturally.

As of today they’re 90% gone so if you want one, go get one.


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